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Blackberry Bold 9700 – First Impressions January 20, 2010

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Well got my BB Bold 9700 about nearly two weeks ago so here are my first impressions. First nice to see Rim is packaging the Bold in a nice small eco friendly box and minimal packaging. Not so nice is the plastic insert which holds the handset or should I say grips as it is hard to get the blooming thing out. Set up was relatively straightforward and email set up was a breeze not as complex as I remember from my 8820 days a couple of years ago. The interface is also definitely more appealing than I remember and definitely more visually aesthetic.

Build quality – This is industrial in build and very, well very BMW or Audi i.e German. It is sturdy, shapely and contoured and feels good in the hand and it never feels lightweight but not weighty either. It shouts and screams quality – unlike the 8520 which whimpers plastic and the Storm 1 + 2 which are like a drunken binge drinking youth very loud, brash and smart but you know it will keel over and end in tears!

Setting up contacts was a breeze once I had downloaded the google sync app from google. I tried to download the google mobile app with all the google apps in but all it did was repeatedly crash my system and cause it to repeatedly reboot once this had been changed for the single app it worked perfectly. All my contacts nicely installed. Problems after the initial sync I tended to get multiple contacts – eventually updated the firmware to latest os and sorted!

Social network integration – This was important to me as a regular Facebook user and also twitter at times I wanted to integrate this as much as possible. The Facebook contacts merged beautifully complete with integrated data and photo’s – now I am cooking. Twitter easy to use and update and accesses tweets quickly I am using a combination of ubertwitter and seesmic and will blog later to evaluate these further.

I was using an android handset previously and the battery life was abysmal and often after full nights charge the phone was dead on it’s backside by 6pm. The battery life is amazing and just as I remember fro my old 8820 days and the reassurance this gives is very much under estimated. I can get two days with heavy use and still there is charge left and if I have a low use period – not often as I like to play it will go three days plus. This is with wifi and 3g on all the time.

One beef regarding the packaging – The headset they supply is pitiful and not up to quality. I used a pair of Sennheiser’s from my ipod and these work a treat and for the cost these or similar are recommended.

Audio – It does all the mp3 playback and album art etc and the noise levels are clear and loud without distortion.

Video – I use the optimiser in the media centre in the desktop software to optimise my videos prior to transfer. It plays all mp4’s and ipod compatible downloads and Zombieland plays beautifully. No slowdown or judder to note. Xvid, Divx and avi can be temperamental but if converted properly I have not had a problem to be frank and just watched Up in the air  with Georgy boy Clooney and it looks the part. Relieved about this as my experience of the android video playback was none existent and reliant on buggy third party solutions so well done Rim for a nice convergence device.

Camera  – Not took too many stills but they look ok and whilst the 3.15mp may not be cutting edge it suffices for mobile quick pic’s of loved ones or other real world activities e.g blogging and just the quick ooh look at that type shot. If you want high quality look at a fixed digital solution would be my advice regardless of whether you are using the Bold, android, iphone etc.

That’s the end of my ramble about my first impressions and will look at the app world and focus on my favourite apps in later posts over the coming weeks.



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