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Blackberry app world January 22, 2010

Posted by mjpower4 in Blackberry.

Coming from another app market or itunes etc the appworld at Blackberry can both seem very limited and at times parochially US. (This may stem from and expectation that every BB app will be there when almost every BB site has it’s own exclusive store or market!) There are ones on Crackberry and Berrycool etc etc etc. However the Rim BB appworld does fit seamlessly and works surprisingly well if at times the options are limited and the days of apps which merely connect you to the website are ending. Frustrations around some apps as you want them to do more and move the format forward listed below are some of my favourite apps and some if the not so favourite and wishes for the future:

Facebook and Twtter will be covered in a later specific post

Favourite Apps:
Poynt – great way of finding restaurants and activities close to you using gps.
Flickr – good picture integration and uploading options and really useful.
Viigo – A collection of podcasts and weather app and readers which are great for fast access updates and integrates well into browser and other services.
Vlingo – great app for voice control of your device from dialing, sms, email it’s a simple but absolutely mint tool and it’s integration is great whilst unobtrusive.
Crackberry App – From the best Blackberry support site in the world period. This App links into the latest news, forum posts, app shop etc and is really useful and informative too.
Scoremobile is excellent for football results on the go – Wish it covered the lower leagues in the UK  (Maybe this is for the future ). The Goal App is also good but this is a footy news app and if it does progress to live scores updates it may be unstoppable.

Bing – The Micorsoft App is tremendously useful and offers something a little diffeent to the google norms and is all the better for it.
Bit.lify – url shortening app – integrates perfectly and just works – very useful for the likes of twitter, facebook and email and of couse for blogging!
Wattpad – This is a type of ebook reader and says it has 10000 books available, a lot oif the publications are unpublished user content however searching can yield that favourite novel and have recently imersed myself back into the world of Wilkie Collins. It’s ability to remember exactly where you were and download to the handset make this invaluable for trsain journeys and is wholeheartedly recommended.

Now for the poor!!!
Xenozu – Now this is supposed to be a, no make it THE youtube player for Blackberry. Well to be blunt it is pants and that’s being polite cos it’s garbage. Problems – well it doesn’t work, doesn’t search, stuttered playback, none existent audio. The developers should be ashamed. My advice use the mobile site – m.youtube.com – it’s not great but at least over 3g or wifi it works.

1. Good youtube client – see above (please, please, please)
2. Good multi-function media player for music and video.
3. Podcast – Please Rim develop your own. Developers £7 for an app do not make me laugh.
4. Free sat nav – come on Rim google and nokia can offer it whay can’t you?
5. Pdf viewer – Rim supplies doc, sheet and ppoint so why not pdf especially as it is the most common emailed file format? This would really make the BB a mobile desktop but instead you are faced with anything from £10 – £60 (What a joke come on Rim sort it out)
6. Guardian App – I know there is one in appworld but it just links to the web page = poor! Take a leaf from the Guardian mobile app on android – this can download a preset times via 3g or wifi and has full articles and images all updated throughout the day and from a user point of view is mint. So why not on Blackberry? The current app is plain lazy.
7. Wikipaedia/Wapaedia app – could be the best app around but currently nothing – shameful.

Well that’s my current view on the Blackberry appworld. As you can see it is broadly positive but much work needs to be done if it is to be functional and effective and not just there for the sake of it.



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