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facebook app – ?useless February 10, 2010

Posted by mjpower4 in Blackberry, Blackberry Bold 9700, facebook.

Well the BB Facebook app has stopped working and doesn’t refresh or update. Apparently this is due to the new fbook dashboard upgrade. Why can’t the apps producers anticipate and react? No similar problems on iphone or android!

While we are looking at the Facebook app it is worthwhile looking at what it doesn’t do and how it can be improved:
1. Lack of video
What is going on? Every other format even winmo’s app can upload video! I have twicve wanted to upload video in the past 2 weeks and have had to use twitter! Twitvid did it seamlessly and without a hiccup. Come on sort this out please.
2. Poor contact integration
Why do you have to go through hoops to load phone contacts and match with you Fbook ones – very poor and not as intagrated as it easily could be!
3. Slow and buggy
Sometimes it just hangs, on others it cycles through refresh for 10 mins and then a big fat nowt! It does not encourage use.

Let’s hope this gives the programmers a target to aim at and smarten up the app.



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