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Welcome Mumford Bingley September 10, 2010

Posted by mjpower4 in Family.

Well well, if you had asked me 6 weeks ago if we would have a dog or a dog who would so take over our lives I would have laughed out loud before telling you what I thought.

We welcomed Mr Mumford ‘Bingley’ into our life on Saturday in early August. After looking around for the sum total of four days and a previous puppy went to someone else we journeyed up to Washington to look at the little chap. The home was obviously ‘lived in’ hoever it was obvious that the little man was loved along with his remaining two siblings and his mummy was there and looked a super friendly dog.

So we made our choice and we then underwent the somewhat arduous task of naming the little blighter. Alfie – nope, Buster – nope, Chalmondley – nope. Ahh says Gale what about Bingley – Ta Dah and a new family member was decided. Then it was the visit to Pets at Home for all his things – Crate – check, blanket – check, dry and timned food – check, treats – check, cuddly toy (ahhhh) – check and we were prepared.

Joss was coming down and so we collected Joss and journeyed down to pick him up – what a cute little blighter. See the pictures and enjoy.



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