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Choices Choices and not very bloody clear………. November 23, 2010

Posted by mjpower4 in Blackberry, Blackberry Bold 9700, twitter.

Well, well well it’s that time of the year again – mobile contract renewal!!!!

To be frank I am truly at a loss with the choices largely being between the least worst options. I have largely enjoyed my year with the BB 9700 but lately I have become increasingly frustrated by it’s lack of scope and limted functionality in certain areas. So it is time for a change and the choices are largely between another BB, apple’s ios or android. I would have liked to make Nokia and Symbian a choice but as will be outlined below it really is a none starter.

Blackberry Torch 9800
This is the one that most BB users wanted to work but it is oh so well – dull. It is heavy, poorly designed and compared to the opposition is about circa 2007. The screen resolution screams unambition and make do. So regretfully not for me.

Blackberry Bold 9780
An upgrade to camera, os6 and more ram a ram busting 512mb – jeesus. It is typical of RIM that a minor incremental upgrade is all they can manage and with the black surround it even for a premium device looks er well cheap. A possibility but overall a poor second – but streets ahead of the oh so dull Torch.

Samsung Galaxy S
Wifey’s handset so a none starter otherwise we will have matching sweaters and basin haircuts next. But a luscious looking device with that gorgeous Super Amoled screen but a little occasional lag spoils it for me and the touchwiz not as great. Plus the Samsung Kies pc software is absolutely bug ridden and appaling and secondary their support for devices is notoriously poor. Having said that they are currently updating to 2.2 froyo so positives abound.

HTC Desire HD
Should be a killer device with great screen, 2.2 froyo and 8mp camera but it just falls short. The battery a 1250ma is a shocking design choice for that lush 4.3“ screen. It nbarely lasts a day and with my useage is likely to result in me ‘losing’ it for a speedy change. A missed ipportunity and the build quality suggests that HTC may have peaked slightly.

HTC Desire Z
Great and a great choicve except for the flimsy hinge on the z slider. Otherwise this would have been the one!

The dark horse. On O2 comes with 16gb on board and running the Windows Phone 7 os. However as an early android adopter – once bitten twice shy and the os may be a better choive at version 2.0. But it looks the biz and with updates may be a future choice in a years time. On the os it is just great and very touch friendly and to be honest looks very fresh.

Apple iphone 4
The dark side – locked in and in the apple softosphere. However functionality wise and apps it cannot be beaten and it does scream ‘premium product’ and aside from the antenna issue which only affects some handsets it apparently very reliable. On a plus point it is available on Tesco’s 12 month deal with 1gb data and this effectively is provided by O2.

So decisions, decisions……… What is a guy to do?



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