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Smartphone Wars – phoney or what! December 1, 2010

Posted by mjpower4 in apps, Blackberry.

I don’t know about anyone else but I am absolutely sick of the arguments and the my phone, os, app etc etc is better than yours and says more about the limited mental aptitude of the posters than the quality of their argument.

To suumarise:
Rim – functional, effective but not a gltzy os. As a current and previous user Rim are in great danger of being caught between stools when the music stops.

Windows Phone 7 – The new boy and a great start but needs updates and much work. It does though look that if the os can be tweeked and a good hardware fit and it opens up other avenues. Maybe in a year or so’s time.

Android – Open and customisable and now with thousands of apps but lacks the wow factor. Despite what the android fanboys say fragmentation is likely to be the major issue over the next year or so. With either slow or none existant updates or operators delay to ensure users are tempted to get newer handsets. This could be a real problem and needs managing effectively.

Ios (Apple) – Probably they most complete user interface on current smartphones. You can see why so many people buy into the apple ideology – smooth, easy and thr app developers tend to go for ios first. However as with Win Pho 7 it’s a locked in system and sometimes can feel claustrophobic and too tightly controlled. The handsets tend to be design classics hence the term ‘iphone killer’ with respect to other manufacturers. Graphically the os is unchanged from 2007 and is in need of a refresh but it just works.

Symbian – Now soley a nokia platform. Characterised by great build quiality devices and poor designed software. Take the new N8 – A design classic and if it were an android handset it would be a market leader but alas now as it remains buggy, slow and it takes too many choices for simple functions.



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