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Why T-Mobile are fully fledged twats of the highest order December 22, 2010

Posted by mjpower4 in Uncategorized.

Well finally decided to upgrade to iphone 4 – I know I know antennagate etc etc.

Agreed fab 18 month plan £35 p/m with 3gb of data – I thought come on!!!! But two weeks later still no phone and frustrated contacted customer services – a descriptive anomaly if ever there was one. A lady with the attitude of someone who has chewed a wasp answered – advised her that if no phone soon then rescind upgrade. Sure enough next day – text message will be here tues…..

Then miraculously blackberry service switched off and had to hjave it added on – ‘you don’t need it on an iphone ‘ was the troll like response – I haven’t got a F****** iphone yet have I? Monday got home to find delivery and shiny new iphone, then examining the box it is the 16gb one. Now can’t just take it into store and swap for 32gb – too simple for our friends at T-Mobile! No I have to wait for a special bag and then send it back and then they will order me a 32gb one. What a total mess and too be frank it all seems to be a measure to delay the upgrade and keep customers on contracts longer.

Summary totally fucked off and fed up if 32gb not here within a week of sending other Iphone back then will rescing upgrade and give notice. Personal opinion that T-Mobile must pay peanuts cos their staff are useless chimps. A mixture of the young and inexperienced, the ignoranyt and a set of foreign fuckers who just do process and tell you owt – SHIT!



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