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Would the last person in Myspace please turn iff the lighrs? March 8, 2011

Posted by mjpower4 in Music, twitter.

It’s not often that Myspace friend requests make me laugh, cry or even gasp with shock, especially as Myspace now resembles a derelict building full of spammers and teen-bothering nonces. The last friend request to genuinely disturb me was this guy who added me as a friend, and when I accepted, chose to add to the comments section of my page video clips of himself…shall we say…manipulating his genitals with a view to achieving orgasm? Since then I’ve had to screen all incoming comments and approve them on arrival, like a sort of Passport Control for a soon to be abandoned country.

Yesterday I received yet another invite from some random band asking to be friends on Myspace, and as Myspace now allows the sender to add a line of dialogue to their friend request, the band sent me this as their opening gambit:

“Hi Mike, we are (band name witheld) and we’d like you to be our friend on here and check out our music. We’re very much along the same lines as Coldplay and Snow Patrol, hope you enjoy our page”.

I thought to myself Yes! This band sounds right up my alley! I’m just the sort of person a Coldplay/Snow Patrol type of band is aimed at:

I’m early to mid forties
I wear combat trousers at the weekend ’cause it makes a change from the shirt and tie
I bought the last Manics albumand The Best Of Robbie ‘Wobbly Head’ Williams for my wife at crimbo.
I lap up bland-as-chalk-dust crap on the telly like Miss Marple, Diagnosis Murder and Outnumbered.
My favourite comedian is Lee Evans (God he really is the new Norman Wisdom isn’t he?).
I drive a Nissan Note company car and have aspirations of owning a ******* jeep.

Needless to say I immediately approved this band’s request and placed them at the top of my friends list for all to see. But it’s irrelevant where I placed this fine example of middle-class coffee-table alt-rock ********, because by the look of things Myspace has literally just a few months left to run.



1. David Roseberry - March 8, 2011

🙂 Love it. I totally concur.

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