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The Greatest Modern Casual Games May 18, 2011

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Casual games that have taken over the world:

Angry Birds
It’s a physics simulator, really – and not a particularly accurate one. Draw back your finger to aim a bird in a catapult at a tower of pigs who have stolen their eggs. Didn’t quite get them all? The pigs snuffle and giggle worryingly – you really must try again just to get that last pig. This iPhone game of never-ending pig-bird war has sold more than 12m copies.

Plants vs Zombies
The zombies are coming, and all you have to defend your house with are an array of badass plants, from peashooters to repellent garlic. My best moment? Discussing with a friend’s six-year-old son where to put the magnets and coffee beans to disarm zombies on pogo sticks. Now that’s entertainment.

Words with Friends
“I’m playing Scrabble with someone in America,” said a friend’s mother, “I don’t know if it’s a man or a woman, but they come up with some good words.” Words with Friends isn’t quite Scrabble, of course – some of the tile values are different, but the ability to connect with friends or strangers through the word game is astonishing.

Cut the Rope
Another game which is genuinely “for all ages”, I’ve shown Cut the Rope to five-year-olds and 70-year-olds and been met with enthusiasm all round. The premise is simple: there is a sweet on a rope, and a hungry-mouthed creature waiting at the bottom to eat it. Cut the rope to drop the sweet into its mouth. But avoid the spikes. And the spiders. And remember to use the bubbles. Hours of fun.


HTC Incredible S Review March 24, 2011

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Great review of the new HTC Incredible S smartphone – http://www.gsmarena.com/htc_incredible_s-review-580.php

Nokia – It is hard to be really bothered January 3, 2011

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My on off relationship with Nokia appears to have finally dies a death. Painful, slow and difficult to watch Nokia has become a little bit of an irrelevance in mobile tech. Yes they sell shed loads of phones to the great unwashed but fail in their once core market – the tech savvy and gadget man. Their place has been replaces by the aspirations of the iphone and ios and the myriad of android phones.

Take this as an example my wife is not a gadget freak or particularly tech savvy but she has switched to android – Samsung Galaxy S. This after years of Nokia and Sony Ericsson loyalty. The new smartphones just work and although I haver flirted with android this does not suit me at the moment but for wifey it just sorts what she wants asap and with little dificulty. Email – check, SMS – check, games – check, online shopping on the move from real web sites – check, ebooks – check, relax in bed or at work down time to watch movie – check.

Nokia – ermm. Yes the N8 build quality looks mint but it cries out for a decent os – oh for android eh!! It tells that when she had the option of the N8 it only received cursory attention a telling sign of Nokia’s waning influence. I think inside Nokia there must must be a killer handset screaming to get out but is obfuscated by poor design and a mishmash of buggy menu’s etc. Shame the king is dead long live the king.

The E7 could be Nokia’s saviour however knowing them it will be a little bit of a nearly but not quite. The last great handset Nokia produced probably the E71, which was improved by the E72 but thats all. Failures include the N97 debacle alongside the N97 mini which my son had and quickly switched to Blackberry and the bold 9700.