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Twattishness Countdown May 20, 2011

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Twat Scale countdown. (In order of increasing twattishness. Like the pop charts used to be):

5. Non-Twat (Lurker)
4. Common-all-garden Twat (Pedant)
3. Genuine Twat (Fanboy)
2. Imitation Twat (Troll)
1. Imitation Imitation Twat (You know who you are!)


The Greatest Modern Casual Games May 18, 2011

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Casual games that have taken over the world:

Angry Birds
It’s a physics simulator, really – and not a particularly accurate one. Draw back your finger to aim a bird in a catapult at a tower of pigs who have stolen their eggs. Didn’t quite get them all? The pigs snuffle and giggle worryingly – you really must try again just to get that last pig. This iPhone game of never-ending pig-bird war has sold more than 12m copies.

Plants vs Zombies
The zombies are coming, and all you have to defend your house with are an array of badass plants, from peashooters to repellent garlic. My best moment? Discussing with a friend’s six-year-old son where to put the magnets and coffee beans to disarm zombies on pogo sticks. Now that’s entertainment.

Words with Friends
“I’m playing Scrabble with someone in America,” said a friend’s mother, “I don’t know if it’s a man or a woman, but they come up with some good words.” Words with Friends isn’t quite Scrabble, of course – some of the tile values are different, but the ability to connect with friends or strangers through the word game is astonishing.

Cut the Rope
Another game which is genuinely “for all ages”, I’ve shown Cut the Rope to five-year-olds and 70-year-olds and been met with enthusiasm all round. The premise is simple: there is a sweet on a rope, and a hungry-mouthed creature waiting at the bottom to eat it. Cut the rope to drop the sweet into its mouth. But avoid the spikes. And the spiders. And remember to use the bubbles. Hours of fun.

A great polemic on Apple’s iTunes April 25, 2011

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Great editorial on Apple’s iTunes – http://m.engadget.com/default/article.do?artUrl=http://www.engadget.com/2011/04/25/editorial-hey-apple-why-does-it-take-an-hour-to-put-an-album-o/&category=classic&postPage=1

Did Apple invent the tablet – Hardly April 22, 2011

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Anyone thinking Apple invented the whole tablet Market think again – http://yfrog.com/h35ghvaj

iPad vs idoughnut April 7, 2011

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An iPad = idoughnut analogy –

For anyone that wants to know an iDoughnut is the latest device that Apple are bringing out. It trashes the old paradigm of how people eat unhealthy snacks and revolutionises it in cool new ways. It has sugar on the inside so your hands don’t get sticky. You can only get one type of jam filling because apple wants to protect your consumer experience and people dont want all those other types of jam flavours anyway. That’s the old model and apple’s doughnut making competitors just don’t get it. Its all about the ‘experience’ not how many flavours you have. What is this experience? Whatever Apple choose to define it as, stupid! It comes with a ‘cool’ new napkin to hold it in whilst eating. The napkin tells the iDoughnut when its about to be eaten and attaches itself to the iDoughnut magnetically. Why? It makes it seem cooler, you moron, that’s why!

And guess what else? Its itunes compatible. That’s right. If you want another iDoughnut just log onto the worst piece of software ever created by man, one-click and its done. Or you can go to the Apple store and queue up for hours to get one, and be high-fived and applauded on your way out by members of Apple’s star-trek uniform-wearing ‘genius’ brigade like you’ve just won the sodding World Cup. Also stick in an HDMI lead and watch yourself eat your iDoughnut on your HDTV. Prices range from £800 (no jam, no sugar) to £1600 (strawberry jam, some sugar).

Thanks megaGenius

Social Networks – An Anti Social Hobby March 31, 2011

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Social Media, Antisocial Hobby

In the beginning there was MySpace (remember that?) and Bebo, then Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and now Quora and others, all places on the web where we connect and share our thoughts with our virtual friends. Some of these networks like LinkedIn I have more for work than because I want to, others like Quora for example I now have because I’m a bit geeky.

Each though requires time, effort and attention to get most from because by it’s very nature you only get out of Social Media what you put in. The idea for this post came this morning when I tweeted ‘I currently have 5 social networks open. Do I have a problem?’. The resounding response was ‘Yes’ and ‘Get a life’ which is a little ironic given those responses were via a Social Network.

You have to wonder if our increasing ‘Social Habit’ is at the cost of relationships with real people, do we prefer our virtual friends to our real ones – and do we prefer to communicate with them via their wall or timeline rather than speaking to them in person?

Will we get to a stage where the human race evolves to have a permanently bent neck and an extra texting finger? You may laugh now but look around as you read this, you’re surrounded by people staring into a screen, typing at lightning speed with two thumbs into the latest must-have iThing updating their statuses.

‘I ate some cheese’.’I just went to the toilet’.’I can’t remember the last time I actually spoke to real person. LOL’

Perhaps there will be a completely new breed of Public Relations Agency who will be able to assist the new bent necked, extra digited human race to actually have relations, in public.

So with a Social Media apocalypse looming, perhaps it’s time to move away from the wall and re-learn the art of simple conversation.

With the correct grammar.

C/O @angrybritain

Great iPad 2 reviews March 28, 2011

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Here are a couple of great iPad 2 reviews:

This one from ‘The Register’ is especially thorough: http://bit.ly/ho7TPe

iPad 2 Review March 24, 2011

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Great review of the new iPad 2 by Gsmarena


Favourite apps of the week February 6, 2011

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Well it has been an exciting first week with my new iPhone 4. Plenty to try and my face apps of the first week are:

1. Plants vs Zombies
without doubt my favourite game and a great learning curve with great graphics and gameplay. Supremely addictive!

2. Facebook
It”s integration is seamless and more tied in and intuitive than the BB version. No problems with duplicate FB contacts either so win win.

3. iOS
None of the repeated duplicated contacts from Google that plagued my contact integration on BB os5. That in itself is worth the price of buying into Apple.

More next week and maybe a final Twitter client (fingers crossed).

Dell Streak 7 review February 1, 2011

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Hey get the new Dell Streak 7 – same er as the old Streak 5?

Dell Streak 7 Review