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Sea otters – not as cute as you think April 2, 2011

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Remember that You Tube video of the two sea otters at Monterey Aquarium swimming while they held hands? You probably thought, like us, that it was the epitome of animal cuteness. Hmm, think again.

Marine biologists have discovered what the sea otters of Monterey Bay get up to when the cameras aren’t around – rape, murder and necrophilia. Male sea otters have been seen grabbing seal pups and then shagging them until they drown. They even keep the dead seal pups for up to seven days afterwards for their sordid sex games.

Sea otter females don’t always come off well in the hands of the rough males either – more than 10% deaths of sea otters were thought to be from mating trauma.



Finally my 32gb iphone 4 is on it’s way….. January 26, 2011

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Well on 21 Jan got the message from T-Mo that my iphone 4 is on it’s way. Checked the veracity with CS and it is correct (We will see?).

But not to let down T-Mobile’s slip shod ways they still managed to cut oFf my Blackberry Service before it comes. Contacted CS to be told they would do me ‘a favour’ and reconnect it for a few days to ‘see me over’ – Hey gut’s it is ok I am only paying for the bloody thing.

As a secomdary issue still showing CS as 24 month upgrade despite 18 month contract. Said they set it back up – we will see.

So will await monday and see what Postman Courier brings – cautiously hopeful.

Why T-Mobile are fully fledged twats of the highest order December 22, 2010

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Well finally decided to upgrade to iphone 4 – I know I know antennagate etc etc.

Agreed fab 18 month plan £35 p/m with 3gb of data – I thought come on!!!! But two weeks later still no phone and frustrated contacted customer services – a descriptive anomaly if ever there was one. A lady with the attitude of someone who has chewed a wasp answered – advised her that if no phone soon then rescind upgrade. Sure enough next day – text message will be here tues…..

Then miraculously blackberry service switched off and had to hjave it added on – ‘you don’t need it on an iphone ‘ was the troll like response – I haven’t got a F****** iphone yet have I? Monday got home to find delivery and shiny new iphone, then examining the box it is the 16gb one. Now can’t just take it into store and swap for 32gb – too simple for our friends at T-Mobile! No I have to wait for a special bag and then send it back and then they will order me a 32gb one. What a total mess and too be frank it all seems to be a measure to delay the upgrade and keep customers on contracts longer.

Summary totally fucked off and fed up if 32gb not here within a week of sending other Iphone back then will rescing upgrade and give notice. Personal opinion that T-Mobile must pay peanuts cos their staff are useless chimps. A mixture of the young and inexperienced, the ignoranyt and a set of foreign fuckers who just do process and tell you owt – SHIT!

Samsung Nexus S – Does it matter? December 16, 2010

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Does the Samsung Nexus S matter? The Nexus one may not have been the best seller but it was for android a true game changer and led to the ubiquitous HTC Desire.

The Nexus S has the ring of a, well also ran. See Gizmodo’s review:


Personally it does not differentiate from existing Galaxy S series and well to be honest it looks and feels very cheap. But that is what Samsung are famous for. It’s ‘Vanilla’ android os should get premium updates for next year or so but in a few months it will just be outclassed and for now I am glad I punted for the iphone.

Mobile Phones in 2011 – Expectations and desires! December 16, 2010

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Without a doubt the mobile phone is the ultimate consumer device and its functions and capabilities are only just starting to be recognised.

This article from Techradar sets the playing field nicely:


Another 3 inchs of UK snow December 3, 2010

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Snow is falling all around me children playing errr ho de hum

What a great month? September 4, 2010

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What happened last month

1. Stieg Larsson’s books come to life.
Crusading journalist (Julian Assange)
does something that hits the Powers That Be (Afghan war diary leaks) and finds himself discredited by damaging allegations that Swedish prosecutors leak to friendly papers.
2. An ex-police officer from the Philippines re-enacted the plot of “Speed” on a bus full of Hong Kong tourists.
3. Wyclef Jean decided the best way to show he was a credible politician was to respond to his disqualification from running for President of Haiti… by writing a song about it
4. Guns ‘n Roses – a band who throughout their career have been known for turning up very, very late at their gigs and then storming out – seemed to surprise every Guns ‘n Roses fan and rock promoter by turning up very late for Leeds and Reading Festivals and then storming off stage in Dublin.

5. Someone put a cat in a bin.


Blackberry Visual Voicemail App February 8, 2010

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Finally there is the possibility of functional visual voicemail on the Blackberry. Hullomail (Producers of the same on the android platform) are releasing a free app in the BB Appworld. Wait for it this app offers added functionality in that users can send short audio messages to each other external to their talktime. Most likely will reflect out of your data plan etc. The audio version of the sms? I don’t know if this will catch on or what the uptake will be but I will try it out and get back to you!

See the link to Hullomail below:


Hello world! Welcome to my new Blackberry Life January 19, 2010

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First off a little about me. I am 45 and too be frank a little bit of a smartphone nut – I don’t know what it is about them but they fascinate me? I have dabbled in Nokia, Apple’s Iphone and my last phone was on the Android operating system. Now after two or something years I have plunged back into the Blackberry universe and the new Blackberry Bold 9700.