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iPad vs idoughnut April 7, 2011

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An iPad = idoughnut analogy –

For anyone that wants to know an iDoughnut is the latest device that Apple are bringing out. It trashes the old paradigm of how people eat unhealthy snacks and revolutionises it in cool new ways. It has sugar on the inside so your hands don’t get sticky. You can only get one type of jam filling because apple wants to protect your consumer experience and people dont want all those other types of jam flavours anyway. That’s the old model and apple’s doughnut making competitors just don’t get it. Its all about the ‘experience’ not how many flavours you have. What is this experience? Whatever Apple choose to define it as, stupid! It comes with a ‘cool’ new napkin to hold it in whilst eating. The napkin tells the iDoughnut when its about to be eaten and attaches itself to the iDoughnut magnetically. Why? It makes it seem cooler, you moron, that’s why!

And guess what else? Its itunes compatible. That’s right. If you want another iDoughnut just log onto the worst piece of software ever created by man, one-click and its done. Or you can go to the Apple store and queue up for hours to get one, and be high-fived and applauded on your way out by members of Apple’s star-trek uniform-wearing ‘genius’ brigade like you’ve just won the sodding World Cup. Also stick in an HDMI lead and watch yourself eat your iDoughnut on your HDTV. Prices range from £800 (no jam, no sugar) to £1600 (strawberry jam, some sugar).

Thanks megaGenius


Is Android now turning into Win-Mo? January 3, 2011

Posted by mjpower4 in Android, Technology, Windows Phone 7.
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I am not sure what it is about Android that feels like a let down but if pushed I’d say it is starting to turn into Windows Mobile what with all that bleating on about “open-ness”, cooked ROM’s, emphasis on specs and general all round smugness of the Android sites.

It is really getting a little bit familiar, our os is better than ios because we can tweek it to allow andoid etc on quicker than the official version and then guess what a whole running debate starts regarding why the thing now doesn’t work – Fucking idiots. Also the disparate nature of the os and the increasing fragmentation is starting to hurt as premium devices run anything and then everyone else has to mix and match. Premium software developers try to avoid android due to the need to develop multiple versions of their software. Google need to try to get this sorted and ensure parity of upgrades to latest versions of the os and not leave this to the handset providers and carriers who will have their own agenda’s. Microsoft appears to have understood this and is adopting this as their update model and whilst this may be restrictive it is likely to create uniformity.

Finally chosen the iphone! January 2, 2011

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Well I finally chose the iphone 4 after many years of thinking of joining the dark side – but ending up preferring something less constrained. However you will see my experience of T-Mo leaves a lot to be desired and although the 16gb has gone back now have to wait to appear on their system.

Patience dear boy -So I am told.

Nice comparison article of Samsung Google Nexus S by an iphone user:


Will thw Windows Phone 7 be my phone next year if it incrementally improves functionality then yes: